Selected Publications

We give a polynomial time algorithm that recovers the entire Non-Gaussian subspace from samples of a random variable satisfying the Isotropic NGCA model using a projection pursuit with relative entropy as the contrast function.
STOC, 2019

In this paper, we study sampling and convex optimization problems over manifolds of non-negative curvature proving polynomial running time in the dimension and other relevant parameters. We first present a random walk based sampling algorithm and then combine it with simulated annealing for solving convex optimization problems.
COLT, 2019

In this paper, we study the effect that the choice of activation function has on the training of overparametrized 2-layer neural networks.
ICLR 2020, 2019

In this paper, we present a polynomial time algorithm called PolyExp for the online linear optimization problem on the hypercube, showing that it is equivalent to both Exp2 and online mirror descent.

Selected Talks

Find below a short list of my talks. For a more complete list, see this page.

Non-Gaussian Component Analysis
Oct 22, 2018
Non-Gaussian Component Analysis
Oct 22, 2018
Oracle Separation of BQP and PH
Oct 8, 2018
Oracle Separations in Cryptography
May 3, 2017


Here are a few courses in the past for which I was a teaching assistant.